RealFoodSource Certified Organic Jumbo Medjool Dates

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  • EAN: B018SR5ZI8
  • Brand: RealFoodSource

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Our organic jumbo north american medjool dates are sweet and succulent with a slight caramel flavour. Excellent to snack on right out the bag, they are also excellent when stuffed with our walnuts and almonds, cashew nut pastes or for a decadent snack dip in our chocolate couvertures! They also a wonderful way to naturally sweeten smoothies and cookie mixes. 100% medjool dates, no added preservatives, oils or sweeteners. We recommend to store our dates in a cool, dry place. Our dates may have white bloom on the outside, this occurs naturally because they are organic and no preservatives or oils have been used on our dates. Available in pack sizes 500g - 4kgs, the more you buy the cheaper the per kilogram price! Typical Values per 100g: Energy 1347kJ / 322 kCal Protein(g) 1.8, Fat(g) 0.15, Carbohydrate(g) 75 of Which Sugars(g) 66.5, Dietary Fibre(g) 6.7, Salt(g) < 0.01