Born in the Forties Sweets Gift Selection Box

Born in the Forties Sweets Gift Selection Box
  • EAN: 5060314800036
  • A 1940s nostalgia gift for anyone who would like to sample all their favourite sweets from their childhood.
  • Presented, with a colourful themed picture on the inside of the lid with matching tissue paper.
  • Packaged in our tough specially made boxes which fit through most Letterboxes when sent individually.
  • We only use genuine brands and ensure that all products selected are well within their use by dates (enclosed in the box).
  • Unwrapped sweets in this selection box are weighed on trade approved scales in accordance with food safety regulations.
  • Brand: Bay Sweets

Price: £12.99

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Revisit the 1940s with this classic selection of old fashioned sweeties, the majority of them straight from the jar. If you are unsure of the history of some of these sweets, variations of all the sweets in the box would have been available in the 1940s, for example Lions have been making hard gum sweets like the original and best Midget Gem since 1903s in West Yorkshire. Fry's chocolate creams are one of the very oldest chocolate bars with a history extending into the 19th century. Cadbury's chocolate we all know is very old. The only thing about the 1940's is that the sweet would have been very hard to get hold of because of the second world war and rationing, but you are unlikely to buy an empty box from us! As another example, Black bullets have been around for a century, They were a favorite of coal miners, because they are black and so is coal, so they could not see the coal dust on the sweets and were more content to eat them. This gift box contains:- 100g Aniseed Balls, 6 x Barley Sugars, 6 x Black Bullets, 4 x Bonfire Toffee, 1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bar, 100g Dolly Mixtures, 1 x Frys Chocolate Cream, 4 x Jamesons Chocolate Caramels , 100g Lion Midget Gems, 4 x Raspberry Ruffles, 1 x Sherbet Fountain, 100g Small Pear Drops, 1 x Stick of Edinburgh Rock, 1 x Stick of Rhubarb Rock , 1 x Walkers Creamy Toffee Bar

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