Kracie Popin Cookin Omatsuri (Japanese Festival Food Stands) DIY kit

Kracie Popin Cookin Omatsuri (Japanese Festival Food Stands) DIY kit
  • EAN: 4901551355433
  • Omatsuri Yatai (food stands Japanese-style festival ) theme
  • Menu: french fries, candy-coated apple, chocolate banana, corn
  • No artificial color additives and preservative
  • Preparation: only water!
  • Made in Japan
  • Brand: Kracie Popin Cookin

Price: £2.98

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New face in the Kracie Popin Cookin DIY candy making kit series!! With the name "Tanoshi Omatsuri-yasan", literally means "fun fun festival", this box gives you an interesting cultural food-themed candies. If you have visited Matsuri festivals in Japan, this should remind you of the place. With this box, you can make: 1 pouch of french fries (pineapple flavor candy), 2 sticks of candy-coated apple (apple flavor candy), 3 sticks of chocolate-coated banana (banana flavor candy), and 2 boiled corns (grape flavor candy). There are many kinds of festivals from famous ones to local small ones held anywhere through the year to celebrate something or admire the Gods, nature, and ancestors, and food stands called Yatai are always with matsuri. Yakisoba, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakiniku, sausage, custard cake, shaved ice kakigori, etc, etc... The bigger the festival is, the more food stands are there, and anything looks so yummy! Although it's just a small part of it, enjoy the Japanese omatsuri festival with this DIY candy kit! You would want to visit real Japanese festivals later!!
*Ingredients: sugar, concentrated yoghurt / modified starch, coloring (caramel, gardenia, vegetable pigment, carotenoid, safflower yellow), sugar, glucose, Sorbitol, acidulant, fragrance, calcium carbonate, thickening polysaccharide, gelling agent (sodium alginate), emulsifier, sodium caseinate, glycerin, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, brightener, · Including gelatin)
*There is an official Kracie website in English.
*As we want to offer the good Japanese product at lower price, we pack light. There can be an outer box damage when delivered. We appreciate your understanding.

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