Japanese Kit Kat & Tirol 20 pc selection DIFFERENT FLAVORS assortment

Japanese Kit Kat & Tirol 20 pc selection DIFFERENT FLAVORS assortment
  • EAN: 0721272067279
  • Attention : Lastly, if your country is in summer season, since the chocolate may melt, please eat after chilled them in the refrigerator.
  • Brand: Sushi Candy

Price: £14.99

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・Contents are subject to change each time depending on the season. Brand New! (Exp. Date 12 2016) Weight: from 200 g They are smaller compare the european version 1) KIT KAT Pancake flavor Easter special edition 2) KIT KAT Raspberry flavor the taste of the real fruit combine with chocolate 3) KIT KAT Matcha chocolate classic Japanese green tea flavor 4) KIT KAT Dark chocolate this is a bitter chocolate most liked by adult 5) KIT KAT Classic kit kat the normal chocolate flavor of kit kat but in japanese version 6) KIT KAT Uji bitter Japanese green tea from Kyoto 7) KIT KAT Sakura matcha Japanese green tea combine with cherry blossom flavor 8) KIT KAT Strawberry , all the sweetness of strawberry combine with a delicious chocolate 9-10) 2 TIROL Chocolate chips ice cream flavor the softness of ice cream and the crunchiness of the biscuits 11-12) 2 TIROL Caramel flavor a chocolate with an heart of caramel 13-14) 2 TIROL famous fruits flavor 15) KIT KAT Sweet Potato baking kitkat this is probably the strangest and coolest ever the best way to eat it is by put it in a microwave or oven for few second until the top is caramelize becoming crunchy outside and soft inside 16) KIT KAT Wasabi the famous Japanese spice with a sweet twist (must try) 17) KIT KAT Fuji cheese cake flavor simply a great desert in a great chocolate bar 18) Big TIROL, changing flavor depending on season 19-20) 2 TIROL Strawberry flavor a chocolate with an heart of strawberry jelly

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