40 Japanese sweets & snack set POPIN COOKIN with Japanese kitkat and other popular candy

40 Japanese sweets & snack set POPIN COOKIN with Japanese kitkat and other popular candy
  • EAN: 0721272067323
  • Contain 40 unique Japanese sweets & snacks
  • Our delivery it takes 10-14 days but because delay by the postal service the package may arrive after Christmas
  • Included in the set KitKat & Japanese do it yourself candy (popin cookin neruneru)
  • Every month a different assortment of sweets and snacks (now JANUARY)
  • Perfect present for kids
  • Brand: Sushi Candy

Price: £19.99

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Japanese original candy and snack set including 40 1. Yakisoba san taro Crispy noodles 2. Ikasuze Cod crisps 3. Ippuku ume Dried Plum Vanilla flavor 4. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Cheese flavour 5. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Mentai (Spicy cod roe) flavor 6. Calvi taro Made from minced fish bone-less short rib flavor 7. Tirol Choco Chocolate with Biscuits 8. Ichigo soft Ice cream shaped marshmallow with Strawberry 9. Orange candy 10. Cider ball ramune 11. Umaibou Savoury corn snack Chicken curry 12. Umaibou Savoury snack Prawn mayonnaise flavor 13. Almond chewing gum 14. Banana chocolate 15. Sauce senbei Thin rice cracker with brown sauce 16. Umai tama Mini cream puffs 17. Aji curry Rice cracker curry flavor 18. Tamanegisan taro Onion flavoured snack 19. Sugata fri Fried squid 20. Grape marble chewing gum 21. Mikan mochi Orange flavoured candy made from rice cake 22. Sharbet pero Lollipop with grape powder 23. Choco bar Z White chocolate bar 24. Cola ball gummy 25. Fruits donut gummy 26. Kit kat mini Dark chocolate 27. Maggy obasan no choco tip cookie Chocolate chip cookie 28. Cabbage taro Round shaped savoury snack with seaweed 29. Blueberry ramune 30. Umakamon mayonnaise Mayonnaise flavoured snack 31 Nerunerunerune grape: Do-it-yourself candy. Add water and knead to turn into a fluffy candy. 32 panda melon biscuit 33Pukupuku: Fish shaped airy chocolate with wafer cake shell 34 Sakuranbo mochi: Cherry candy made from rice cake 35 Bottled powder ramune 36Pachi pachi: Cola popping candies mixed with fizzy tablets. 37Soda flavoured lollipop with dipping sugar38 poriky barbecue stick39 Kuppy ram: Little round shaped ramune candy. Orange,lemon and strawberry flavor. 40Sour paper candy cola

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