Finest Milk Belgian Chocolate Bag 900g - Suitable for a Chocolate Fountain and a Chocolate Fondue

Finest Milk Belgian Chocolate Bag 900g - Suitable for a Chocolate Fountain and a Chocolate Fondue
  • EAN: 5060217330647
  • 900g Resealable and Microwavable Belgian Milk Chocolate Bag
  • Delicious Belgian Chocolate Ideal for Topping Cupcakes, Cakes, Chocolate Fountains, Chocolate Fondues or to just eat out of the bag!
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Fountain Chocolates - Pre-blended with High Quality Cocoa Butter Not Oil
  • Milk Chocolate Chip Form Makes it Easy to Melt for Chocolate Fountains, simply place into a Microwave (See Bag Instructions)
  • A Truly Delicious Pouch of Milk Chocolate which is perfect to add to any cake recipe. By JM Posner - Professional Quality Chocolate for Home Use
  • Brand: JM Posner Simply Entertaining

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This versatile Belgian chocolate blend is specially formulated with a higher cocoa butter content, so that you don't need to add oil before using it in a chocolate fountain or Chocolate Fondue. Some Chocolate Fountain Chocolate is designed for chocolate fountain can be oily and bland, but at JM Posner we don't use oils in our Belgian chocolate, only cocoa butter: This means you get a better quality, better tasting chocolates with more health benefits, that will keep your friends coming back for more. Better still this chocolate can be used in a wide range of functions including cooking and baking.

The intense chocolaty flavour of JM Posner Finest Belgian Chocolate makes it perfect for using in baking cakes and cooking, and also eating straight from the bag! The Belgian Chocolate is by JM Posner, a supplier to professional caterers around the globe, bringing professional quality to your home.

The Chocolate bags are microwavable, which makes them simple to use with a chocolate fountain or a chocolate fondue. Simply put them into a microwave and heat until the chocolate is in a liquid form, then just pour into your chocolate fountains and you're ready to go!

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