40th Birthday Sweets Gift Box

40th Birthday Sweets Gift Box
  • EAN: 5060314800593
  • This box of retro sweets makes a perfect gift for a birthday for anyone with a very sweet tooth.
  • We only use genuine brands and ensure that all products selected are well within their use by dates. All unwrapped sweets in this selection box are weighed on trade approved scales straight from the jar in our sweet shop, in accordance with Food Safety Regulations . We will also provide you with ingredient details and Best Before dates within the box
  • The inside of the letterbox friendly delivery box is attractively presented, with a colourful themed picture on the inside of the lid and matching tissue paper. We can also add a gift message from you to the recipient if required.
  • If you want us to send one of our gift boxes to someone else, no problem, just change the delivery address as you checkout.
  • Packaged in our specially made boxes so that they fit through most Letterboxes when sent individually. If you order more than 3 boxes for one address we will package the boxes together in one parcel unless otherwise instructed in the message area. All our packaging is also tough and is as low impact to the environment as possible, we deliver all over the world and our gifts always arrive in good condition.
  • Brand: Bay Sweets

Price: £12.99

AvailabilityUsually dispatched within 24 hours


A 40th birthday treat packed with a varied selection of retro sweets. This makes a fantastics novel alternative gift and is so much better than a card. This gift box contains:- 4 x Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum, 6 x Black Jack Chews, 1 x Box of Candysticks, 1 x Bubbaloo Cola, 1 x Bubbaloo Strawberry, 1 x Cadburys Chomp, 1 x Cadburys Freddo, 1 x Candy Necklace (or Candy Watch), 1 x Caramac, 1 x Cola Fizz Wiz Popping Candy, 1 x Curly Wurly, 1 x Double Lolly, 2 x Drumstick Chewbar, 4 x Drumstick Lolly, 1 x Fizzers, 1 x Fizzy Cola Bottle Mini Fun Gums, 1 x Flump, 6 x Fruit Salad Chews, 1 x Giant Lovehearts, 1 x Loveheart Lipstick, 3 x Mini Rainbow Dust Straws , 1 x Parma Violets, 2 x Refresher Chew Bars, 8 x Refresher Original Chews, 1 x Refresher Tube, 1 x Sherbet Dipdab, 1 x Sherbet Fountain, 1 x Strawberry Fizz Wiz Popping Candy, 1 x Strawberry Jawbreakers, 1 x Traffic Light Lolly, 2 x Wham Chew Bar, Very occasionally some items will be substituted, if for example we cannot get hold of an item, but this is rare.

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