Thorntons Classics Mints 258 g

Thorntons Classics Mints 258 g
  • EAN: 5016346129041
  • Delicately refreshing Classic Mint Chocolates
  • A perfect after dinner treat
  • Contains 26 chocolates
  • An alcohol free recipe
  • Gluten free recipe
  • Brand: Thorntons

Price: £9.99


Delicately refreshing Classic Mint Chocolates. A perfect after dinner treat that everyone will love to share. Bursting with mint favourites to love and enjoy! Discover cooling mint chocolates, gooey caramels and smooth fudges. Thorntons' Creamy Mint Fudge is melt-in-the-mouth, flavoured with mint and smothered in delicious dark chocolate;Crispy Mint Disc - a perfect peppermint flavoured dark chocolate disc with crispy honeycomb pieces. Gooey Mint Caramel - a gooey soft mint flavoured caramel wrapped in delicious dark chocolate shell. You'll also find Luxury Dinner Mints, a truly special blend of double cream and peppermint, smothered in delicious dark chocolate. Thorntons' Mint Batons feature a centre of chocolate peppermint truffle with crispy little honeycomb pieces inside, all smothered in deliciously dark chocolate and finished with white chocolate decoration. Peppermint Crème - deliciously cool peppermint centre smothered in yummy dark chocolate. Each box contains 26 chocolates.

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