Japanese Candy Ninja KitKat 14pcs Assortment with original sticker

Japanese Candy Ninja KitKat 14pcs Assortment with original sticker
  • EAN: 4573382100317
  • Assortment of 14 Japanese KitKat mini bars
  • Random pick from wide variety of flavors such as green tea, dark chocolate, raspberry, etc.
  • Limited-edition flavors such as, yokohama strawberry cheesecake, Japanese Sake, wasabi, purple yum
  • Comes with our original cool Japanese Candy Ninja sticker
  • Shipped from Japan
  • Brand: Japanese Candy Ninja

Price: £9.99

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Costing almost as same as one-flavor Japanese KitKat bag, this assortment bag of Japanese KitKat mini bar can offer you pleasant experience with the variety of flavors. Nestle's flavor adventure is now yours! Whether or not you've heard that it is almost a mission impossible to complete all the flavors due to the super wide variety. Japanese Candy Ninja tries its best to provide more kinds of Japanese Kit Kat flavor world wide. This assortment of Japanese Kit Kat bars offers you randomly picked flavors from standard to rare, for expample, matcha green tea, dark chocolate, raspberry, as standard, and wasabi, green tea sakura, Hokkaido melon, japanese sake, uji matcha, rare cheesecake as rare limited ones.
Also, this assortment pack bag comes with cool and kawaii Japanese Candy Ninja sticker!
It can be melted and deformed under the high temperature. The maker says that the quality and taste don't change even if melted. Thank you for your understanding.

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